Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Saudi Arabian designers show off innovative fashion lines at pop-up show for startups

Author: DEEMA AL-KHUDAIRWed, 2018-03-14 19:55ID: 1521035945672223200

JEDDAH: Amkana, a women’s hub which offers retail, office and workshop space for rent, has hosted its first pop-up event in Jeddah on Tuesday.
The two-day event, which showcased unique local startup brands, was, in fact, its soft launch. Both Saudi and non-Saudi designers displayed their unique traditional, casual and elegant fashion lines.
Saudi designer Noora Al-Harthi launched her fashion line, Re-unite, in February 2017. “The idea behind my designs is to redesign men’s clothing and make it wearable for women. I add femininity to it,” Alharthi told Arab News.
Her last collection was called “The Uniform of Femininity.” “I want women to feel comfortable and confident in what they’re wearing,” she said.
Al-Harthi’s trademark is to deliberately keep the stitches on the blazers, unlike with men’s blazers which are clear from any visible stitches.
Another Saudi designer, Jalila Nayil, launched her fashion line, Laith, in February 2018. The chic and minimalistic brand is inspired by the Parisian “10-item wardrobe” method, which encourages people to mix and match the 10 items in their closets.
Nayil’s brand has a lot of psychology behind it. “Since our minds are always cluttered, and we live a very busy life, I aim to reduce stress through my collection,” she told Arab News. “Dress up or down, you will always look elegant. It’s versatile, it’s cohesive, it’s your go-to wardrobe.”

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