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Saudi railway safety campaign to keep passengers and pedestrians on track in Hail and Al-Jouf

Author: Mohammed Al-SulamiTue, 2018-03-20 03:00ID: 1521496116949512200

JEDDAH: The Saudi Railway Co. (SAR) has begun an awareness campaign under the slogan “railway safety” to educate the public about dangerous behavior on and near railway lines.
Ammar Al-Nahdi, director general of marketing and communications at SAR, said that the company launched the awareness campaign targeting villages and cities alongside the line between Hail and Al-Jouf, mainly in areas where there are prairies and livestock where the railways are being damaged the most.
“The people committing these wrong behaviors are lacking conscience about the seriousness of their doings, which may lead to killing innocent people — from train passengers to people who cross the railways in the wrong way.
“SAR is prioritizing the safety of people and property, taking into consideration the safety of passengers and people living around the railways,” said Al-Nahdi, who appealed for people to pay attention and cross railways using bridges constructed for vehicles and livestock — for their safety and the safety of passengers.
SAR owns about 4,974 km of fenced railways, 2,750 km of them in the north and 1,775 km between Dammam and Riyadh, in addition to 450 km for the express train between Makkah and Madinah, secured by a metal fence on both sides to provide safety and security for people and property.

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