Is Sadiq Khan letting London down as mayor?

Is Sadiq Khan letting London down as mayor?

Shaun Bailey, a Conservative London Assembly member who sits on the Environment Committee, says YES.

All too often over recent weeks, the public have woken up to tragic headlines. News of yet another stabbing victim is an almost daily occurrence, and it is reported that, on some measures, London is now more dangerous than New York.

Murders are up 91 per cent compared with this time last year, and 33 young people have already been stabbed to death since January.

The capital is in need of leadership, and the mayor has so far, been absent.

Where is our mayor to lead, comfort and console Londoners and the families of victims? How often do we see him meeting people affected by these horrendous crimes?

Reassuring the public, consoling victims, being heavy-handed with criminals, and being proactive in tackling crime is what Londoners should see.

Sadiq Khan needs to prove hes in charge and make it clear, violent crime has no place in London. I urge him to do this.

Until then – and I say this regrettably – he is simply letting Londoners down.

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Richard Angell, director of the think tank Progress, says NO.

Sadiq Khan is the ambassador our capital needs. His antidote to Donald Trumps smears on our city when three cowards brought terror to London Bridge and Borough Market was refreshing and unifying. The global attention he demands is an opportunity for more trade, inward investment and tourism.

He is also dealing with issues that Boris Johnson let fester in his eight wasted years at City Hall.

Khans determination to tackle the literal silent killer that is Londons air pollution is impressive – partly because there is little electoral dividend for sorting it, but the public health benefits are untold.

Khan also has a robust team trying to fix Londons broken housing market. It is not quick or significant enough for the mayor himself to benefit, but their laser-like focus is a welcome corrector to the laissez-faire attitude that came before.

Knife crime is currently blighting our city, sorting it a mayoral priority. Khan has tried to plug the funding gap imposed by home secretary Amber Rudd. He brings our city together – together we are stronger.

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