Sunday, August 19, 2018

Gemalto says post-Brexit passport will create new jobs in the UK

Franco-Dutch security firm Gemalto has officially confirmed its contract to make the UKs post-Brexit passports, saying the process will bring more jobs to Britain.

In a statement released today, the company said the manufacturing of passports “will further extend Gemalto's presence in the UK, where it has operated for the last 25 years and create new jobs, supplementing the 500+ staff which Gemalto already employs in the UK”.

Gemalto was also careful to highlight its “substantial operations” in the UK, emphasising that it had won the 11.5 year contract “following a rigorous competitive process which rated each bidder against strict requirements”.

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The official announcement comes after the current British manufacturer of passports, De La Rue, announced it would not appeal against the decision to award the new passports to Gemalto, despite previously saying it had been "undercut by a French competitor".

Gemalto also emphasized the new “high-end security features” of its post-Brexit passport, which would ensure that the personal data of British citizens would be protected.

Frederic Trojani, Executive Vice President of Gemalto Government Business Unit said: "Over the past decade, Gemalto has helped develop some of the world's most secure passports, including landmark projects in Norway, Sweden, USA, Finland and Singapore. We look forward to working with Her Majesty's Passport Office to deliver one of the most technically advanced passports ever."

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