Monday, July 16, 2018

Are these sunglasses the worst thing you have ever seen?

Are these sunglasses the worst thing you have ever seen?

(Picture: Urban Outfitters)

I realise that its Urban Outfitters, so we should no-longer be shocked at anything they stock.

They accidentally sold Primark clothing. They made an extreme crop top which hurt our souls. But guys.

Look at these sunglasses.

Are they the most horrific item youve ever seen for sale on the internet?

Do you wish you had a pair of proper sunglasses to shield your poor delicate eyes from the sight of them?

If so, you are in good company.

The glasses, which are made by Planet i and cost £90 (YES REALLY) are described as being acetate and wipe clean. The Urban Outfitters website goes on to say Bold sunglasses from Brooklyn-based brand Planet i. Features a flame silhouette for a futuristic style crafted with the brands signature statement-making reflective glitter sunglasses.



Bold is certainly one word for it.

Are these sunglasses the worst thing you have ever seen?

Urban Outfitters only has the glasses in orange, but if youd like them in the even snazzier colour of glittery red, you can buy them from Planet i directly. Theyre $99 (£74) without shipping cost.

Or if you really want to lose friends and alienate people you could buy both.

Theres no information on the website about whether the glasses are actually UVA or UBA protective, so while youre rocking your extremely confusing look, please be careful of your delicate eyes.

Mind you, if something did happen to your eyes, at least you wouldnt be able to look back on photos of yourself wearing them in years to come…

If youd like to buy them, you can do so here. But please dont.

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