Revealed: The top 10 most desirable jobs in the UK right now

As children, many dream big about what they'll do for a living when they grow up – imagining life as an astronaut, scientist or even a doctor.

But according to a survey out today, many adult Brits have scaled back their expectations a bit since childhood.

CV-Library asked 1,100 UK workers what job they'd like to do if there were no restrictions placed on them such as a lack of qualifications.

Leading the list was teaching, as nearly one in five (18.3 per cent) said they'd love to educate the next generation.

Office manager and IT technician jobs were also popular, coming in at third and fourth with 16.8 per cent and 15 per cent respectively.

According to the list, more people would like to be an accountant than an athlete, as the two occupations got scores of 12.8 per cent and 12.5 per cent.

Unsurprisingly, the job of journalist crept into the top 10 most desirable jobs list as 10.7 per cent said they'd want to work in that sector.

The findings also found that 41.5 per cent of people are not working in their desired field, and 54.5 per cent are currently unhappy in their job.

"Its interesting to see that being a teacher came top of the list given the ongoing staff shortages in the industry right now," said founder and managing director of CV-Library Lee Biggins. "Its also great to see that some of the more traditional occupations such as accountant, technician and recruiter made the list.

"With the introduction of new technologies and the ever-growing popularity of freelance work, it can often feel like some of the key professions such as healthcare are being disregarded. Instead, its clear that many workers are opting for online roles, such as brand manager, instead."

The top ten can be viewed below:

Rank Job Desirability score
1 Teacher 18.3 per cent
2 Designer 17.1 per cent
3 Office manager 16.8 per cent
4 IT Technician 15 per cent
5 Accountant 12.8 per cent
6 Athlete 12.5 per cent
7 Mechanical engineer 12.3 per cent
8 Recruiter 11.7 per cent
9 Brand manager 10.9 per cent
10 Journalist 10.7 per cent

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