December 7, 2021

Travel advice for Liverpool fans travelling to Kiev for the Champions League final

Travel advice for Liverpool fans travelling to Kiev for the Champions League final
Liverpool fans are already enjoying themselves in Kiev (Picture: Getty Images)

Plenty of Liverpool fans are already in Kiev for Saturdays Champions League final and many more will arrive before the match against Real Madrid kicks-off.

For the vast majority, it will be the first time they have ever been to Ukraine, so there will be plenty of questions the travelling fans will want answering. has put together a set of tips for those heading to Ukraine from the UK, and here are the bits you really need to know…

Travel advice for Liverpool fans travelling to Kiev for the Champions League final
The Champions Festival in the UEFA Champions League Final fan zone in Kiev (Picture: Getty Images)

Time difference

Kiev is two hours ahead of the UK, meaning Liverpool vs Real Madrid will kick-off at 9.45pm local time (7.45pm UK time).


They use the Hryvnia (UAH) in Ukriane, which has a current exchange rate of 1 GBP = 34.86 UAH.

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It is easiest to change US dollars and Euros and Northern Irish and Scottish banknotes are not accepted at all.

What kind of plugs do they use in Ukraine?

They use Type C and Type F, which are the rounded prongs. Type C is the standard European plug.

Travel advice for Liverpool fans travelling to Kiev for the Champions League final
The giant Champions League Cup near the Saint Sophias Cathedral in Kiev (Picture: Getty Images)

Drinking and smoking

Drinking is prohibited in public places except bars and restaurants.

Smoking is prohibited in all public places – including bars, restaurants, parks and subways.

Tips for travellers

  • Always carry your passport as police carry out random checks
  • European Health Insurance Cards are no valid in Ukraine so take out travel insurance
  • You dont need a visa to fly to Ukraine, but you do if you drive in through Belarus
  • Use official taxis and agree the fare before setting off

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Where is the stadium?

The Olympic Stadium is on 55 Velyka Vasylkivska which is about a half hour walk from the city centre.

The Olimpiyska metro station is closed before and after the match, meaning the Palats Sportu and the Plscha Lva Tolstoho stations are the closest ones.

Where to go and what not to take

Liverpool fans are in blocks 37-55 (lower level) and 40-56 (upper level) in the north stand and will be able to get in the stadium three hours before kick-off.

Do not take large bags, flags, fireworks or smoke bombs and alcohol is banned inside the stadium and smoking is not allowed.

You will need cash to pay for food and drinks inside the stadium.

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The Liverpool fans meeting point

This is at Tars Shevchenko Park and will be open before and after the match, selling food and drink.

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You can leave bags here before the game and it is just 15 minutes from the stadium.

UEFA Champions Festival

This is open on Khreshchatyk Street from 24 to 27 May from 11am to 11pm on 24 and 25 May, from 11pm to 8pm on 26 May and 11am to 9pm on 27 May.

However, there is not going to be a big screen to watch the match here.

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