Motorbike racer lucky to be alive after 170mph collision with selfie stick

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Superbike racer Paul Jordan collided with a selfie stick at 170mph. (Dave Kneen)

A superbike racer is lucky to still be alive after being involved in a 170mph collision with a fans selfie stick.

Paul Jordan, 28, was clipped by a supporters selfie stick as he leaned into a corner during the first lap of the MCE Ulster Grand Prix Superstock race on Saturday.

The fan was taken to hospital with a suspected dislocated shoulder, but Jordan says he was fortunate to avoid a far graver outcome.

If it had have hit me in the face I would be dead, Jordan told the Belfast Telegraph.

I wouldnt have had a chance.

17/12/2016: Newcomer to the 2017 Isle of Man TT, Paul Jordan pictured at The Grandstand whilst on the Island doing some familiarisation laps of the Mountain Course. PICTURE BY DAVE KNEEN
Jordan was hit in the shoulder by the selfie stick. (Dave Kneen)

Jordan finished the race in sixth place despite the incident and admits he approached the same corner with extra caution in subsequent laps.

I was going through the first right hand corner and I felt a massive bang on my shoulder, he said.

9th August 2018, Dundrod Circuit, Lisburn, Northern Ireland; MCE Ulster Grand Prix race day one; Ian Lougher (WAL) takes 3rd place in the opening Supertwin race (photo by Graham Service/Action Plus via Getty Images)
Jordan finished in sixth place despite the collision. (Getty Images)

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I thought I was bleeding, but wasnt in a position to check – it was only afterwards I realised that my leathers had been ripped clean off my back.

It definitely took my concentration because I had to keep turning the same corner on subsequent laps and I didnt want to be hit again, but I didnt have a clue what I was trying to avoid.

Organisers of the Ulster Grand Prix urged fans to think before they act, with selfie sticks, drones and flash photography all forbidden at the event.

As Paul Jordan found out earlier, selfie sticks can do a lot of damage.

The Clerk of the Course has been notified and has spoken to marshals in the sector – but as always if you see something, say something.

— Ulster Grand Prix (@UlsterGrandPrix) August 11, 2018

As Paul Jordan found out earlier, selfie sticks can do a lot of damage, the organisers posted on Twitter.

Jordan, meanwhile, branded the supporter as an eejit who could ruin the sport for others.

As a rider you are putting everything on the line, he said.

I dont need some stupid eejit doing this.

They will ruin it for everyone because it will probably result in spectators being pushed even further back, but if they are going to jeopardise our safety then thats probably for the best.

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