November 24, 2020

Charlotte Flair destroys Ronda Rousey with kendo stick after classic match at Survivor Series

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Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey (Picture: WWE)

Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair had one of the best matches of the night at Survivor Series in front of a passionate crowd in Los Angeles.

Flair, a late replacement for the injured Becky Lynch, put on an incredible performance, while Rousey showed while shes considered one of the fastest-rising stars in WWE.

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The brilliant match ended when Flair attacked Rousey with a kendo stick, hitting her repeatedly with the wooden weapon.

Rousey was bruised and destroyed from the constant assault, which saw Flair strike the former UFC Champion dozens of times.

It was a thrilling ending to a world class match, which saw both stars put on near career-best performances at the Staples Centre.

The two both came close to missing, as their physicality and creatively perfectly meshed.

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Despite the superb chemistry they shared in the ring, all attention will be on the post-match destruction, which peaked with Flair trapping Rouseys neck with a steel-chair.

Flairs acting performance was superb, as she attacked referees before kicking the chair onto Rouseys throat.

Rouseys beating looked like it would never be stopped, until she was finally freed from Flair by a mixture of referees and security.

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The Raw Womens Champion was not given much sympathy by the LA Crowd however, as she was booed and jeered following the incident.

A defiant Rousey did leave the ring of her own violation however, with a feud against Flair surely a necessity now.

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