July 7, 2022

Would you buy this ASOS dress that looks like bubble wrap for £68?

(Picture: ASOS)

The humble dress can take on so many forms. We saw the dress that looked like a bin bag, the one that had major Friar Tuck vibes, and the one with vulva energy.

There are lots of weird items of clothing and were sure therell be even more to come.

At the moment, were scratching our heads at this dress that looks as if its been inspired by bubble wrap.

The Jaded London all over sequin mesh beach dress, which is see-through, is on offer for £68 on the ASOS website.

On the website, it explains: Inspired by global street-style from East London to LA and New York, super-cool streetwear label Jaded London provides your fix of pretty prints and techno fabrics.

If Beyonces done it head-to-toe then you know youre onto a good thing.

Were not sure when Beyonce used bubble wrap to dress up but apparently, you too could look like her in the sequin-embellished design.

Anyone want to go out in a dress that looks like bubble wrap? ??‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/7z5H49CF4t

— Elaine ? (@MsGilbert1805) April 12, 2019



Those who posted about the garment on social media agreed that it certainly had the bubble wrap vibe.

On the plus side though, as the dress is transparent, it gives a nice chance to show off a chic bra and underwear ensemble.

It might even be perfect for festival season.

If you are a fan then you might want to hold off until its on sale perhaps as its now £68.

If youre on a budget, you might want to head to the staRead More – Source

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