Boris Johnson ‘absolutely’ rules out pre-Brexit general election

Boris Johnson has ruled out calling a general election prior to the Brexit deadline of 31 October.

The Prime Minister said voters did not want to return to the polls for another general election or referendum until the mandate had been completed.

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“What they want us to do is deliver on their mandate to come out of the EU,” he said at a speech in Birmingham.

It comes as Johnson continues his upheaval of the cabinet, appointing a number of new ministers.

When questioned whether he could assure there would be no election prior to the UK leaving the European Union at the end of October, Johnson said: “absolutely”.

“We want to, and we are going to, deliver on the mandate of the people, which is to take the UK out of the EU whole and entire on 31 October,” he added.

The new Prime Minister has continued to make a number of changes to lower-ranked jobs since he began overhaul of the cabinet on Wednesday, following his appointment as Tory leader.

Among the changes yesterday, Nick Hurd was appointed as Northern Ireland minister, George Freeman has been given a transport brief, and Michael Ellis is the new solicitor general.

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