Victoria Beckham x Reebok £109 beanie costs eight times more than brands standard hat

Theres a heatwave outside but we have beanies on our mind (Picture: REX)

Usually buying clothes out of season is a great time to snap up some bargains.

So the thinking is that winter clothes such as coats, scarves and hats should be significantly reduced at this time of year, right?

Not quite.

One Victoria Beckham beanie, which is available in black and white, green and black, is selling for an eye-watering £109.95.

The simple beanie with the VB and Reebok logo is part of the collection launched earlier this year.

Victoria Beckham beanie
The beanie selling for £109.95 (Picture: Reebok)

The wintry piece in question, which is part of a VB collaboration with Reebok, is 10% cashmere.

We understand youd expect to pay a little more for cashmere but in Victoria Beckhams full collection, you can pick up a 30% cashmere beanie for less.

The brown version from her own range obviously doesnt have the brand logos and is a little less chunkier but its currently on sale for £90.



And its quite a bit more than than the standard Reebox beanie – the rest of the range on their website costs between £12.95 for a plain black one to £22.95 for a classics foundation beanie.

So the Victoria Beckham version costs eight times as much as a beanie without the VB name.

The basic Reebok beanie costs £12.95
The basic Reebok beanie costs £12.95 (Picture: Reebok)

Compared to other cashmere hats, the VB x Reebok one is really up there.

French Connection is currently selling a 100% cashmere wool beanie for £15. Thats nine times more cashmere than the VB product, at a £94.95 saving.

Other brands such as & Other Stories go up to the £45 mark for 100% cashmere, but its still a significant discount with more cashmere wool.

Naturally, its worth pointing out that a number of other high-end designers are also selling cashmere products for over £100, but the cashmere percentage is considerably higher.

A 100% cashmere waffle-knit beanie by Madeleine Thompson on Net-A-Porter is priced at £120 – thats £10.05 more expensive than VB and Reeboks offering, but 10 times the cashmere.

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