‘Centre’s failure to stop inbound flights led to Covid-19 spread’

NEW DELHI: Blaming the Union government, Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel has said that "failure" to stop the inbound flights to the country has led to the spread of coronavirus as the disease has evolved in some other country and travelled to India through "carriers".
Baghel said, "Union government should have stopped all international flights as early as possible and all the inbound passengers should have been mandatorily quarantined. This could have prevented the spread of the virus."
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Baghel also hit out at the central government for allowing Tablighi Jamaat event despite prohibitory orders. "If international passengers from hotspots have been stopped, the congregation could also not have happened. I am not giving clean chit to any organisation," said Baghel.
He also alleged that union government did not seek advice of the state governments before announcing the lockdown and now state governments are being reached out for their opinion on lifting the lockdown.

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