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Africa and the coronavirus challenge: The impact of Covid-19 on the continent

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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread in Africa, our correspondents have filed a series of reports and interviews from across the continent. From Cameroon to South Africa, from Kenya to Tunisia and Madagascar, they investigate how the pandemic is evolving. Is Africa more resistant to the virus? How are lockdowns ending? And is social distancing possible?


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Our reports and interviews on how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the African continent:

– In Cameroon, social distancing is impossible on the crowded buses of the capital Yaoundé. Indira Ayuk reports.

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– In South Africa, a country with few open-air markets, supermarkets have become Covid-19 hotspots. Ayesha Ismail reports.

– In Kenya, Dino Mahtani, deputy director of the Africa Programme at the International Crisis Group, tells us how coronavirus is affecting neighbouring Somalia, one of the most unstable states in Africa. An interview conducted by Mukelwa Hlatshwayo.

– In Tunisia, the economy is slowly starting up again now that the lockdown has been eased. Fadil Aliriza reports.

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