May 10, 2021

China: UK Claim Of Uyghur Genocide A ‘monstrous Lie’

republicworld- Beijing strongly rejected a motion approved by British lawmakers declaring that China’s treatments of Uyghur minorities in the far western Xinjiang region constitutes genocide and crimes against humanity.

At a daily news briefing in Beijing on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian denounced the allegation of genocide as a “monstrous lie” and urged the relevant lawmakers to do “something tangible” for the British people as the UK, he alleged, is seeing “a number of problems at home.”

The motion passed Thursday is non-binding and does not compel the British government to act. But it is another move signaling the growing outcry among U.K. politicians over alleged human rights abuses in China

More than one million people have been confined to camps in Xinjiang, according to foreign governments and researchers. Authorities there are accused of imposing forced labor, systematic forced birth control and torture in mass internment camps.

Also, Zhao refuted Australian defense minister’s criticisms on Beijing’s militarization and cyberattacks, saying it is “absurd for Australia to act as a victim” of strained bilateral ties.

Defense Minister Peter Dutton vowed that Australia would not “surrender” to threats of retaliation from China after Beijing threatened a possible response to its cancellation of two infrastructure deals under its multibillion-dollar “Belt and Road Initiative.”

The clash adds to strains in relations that are at a multi-decade low after Beijing blocked imports of coal and other goods from Australia in retaliation for its call for an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

Separately, Zhao reasserted China’s claim over Taiwan after Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi warned of a significant change of regional situation may be prompted by China’s moves on Taiwan at a meeting of LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) lawmakers Thursday.

Zhao described his remarks as “complete nonsense and extremely irresponsible.”

“China must and will surely achieve reunification. Japan should cast away other illusions,” said Zhao.

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