October 27, 2021
Middle East

Erbil International Airport Targeted In Drone Attack; No Casualties: Kurdish Officials

republicworld– Erbil International Airport in northern Iraq on Saturday, September 11, was targeted in a drone attack, Iraqi Kurdish officials said. While taking to Twitter, Lawk Ghafuri, head of foreign media relations for the Kurdistan Regional Government, informed that the attack had been carried out by explosive-laden drones. He further said that there are no victims in the attack carried by explosive-laden drones.

‘Airport is open and flights are normal’

Further, Ghafuri went on to say to the Kurdish security forces were investigating the incident. In series of tweets, he informed, “The drone was carrying explosive devices, and exploded away from Erbil International Airport’s terminals and territories. No casualties are reported”. “Erbil International Airport is open and flights are normal. Again any rumours about the closure of the airport is fake news,” the official said.

The airport, which also serves as the base for US-led coalition forces, suffered no damage. The strike came on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States. It also came a day after rockets and a drone reportedly targetted Ain al-Asad airbase, which houses US troops, and the US Embassy in Baghdad. It is worth mentioning that Saturday’s explosion is the second drone attack in two months, with one drone striking the airport in July 2021.

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