May 16, 2022

Metamorphosis Fashion Is the New Trend That Will Actually Save You Money

 Every so often, we wish we had magical powers, allowing us to snap our fingers and instantly change into a brand new outfit. Yet, while it’s still impossible to pull this Fairy Godmother-like move, fashion has gotten pretty innovative over the past few years. Metamorphosis clothing is currently having a moment, AKA pieces that feature zippers, buttons, or extra layers, which help the wearer quickly transform their look.

For ’90s and ’00s kids, this particular quick-change trick might not feel very new; we’ve already lived through the days of snap-off pants and American Apparel circle scarves (which some swore could be styled as a dress). But in 2021, convertible clothing feels a bit more elevated and fun. The trend has even expanded into accessories, with purses that turn into backpacks and hoops that become drop earrings.

Metamorphosis fashion also benefits those hoping to save a few bucks or shop more sustainably. You no longer have to buy a coat and a vest. One item can be worn as both.

So, if you’re looking for a way to double your wardrobe — without adding clutter or overspending — we’ve rounded up our favorite transformative pieces from around the Internet.

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Tessa Fay Convertible Midi Mini Dress

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