July 7, 2022
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UK authorities set to snatch away hooligan passports

UK authorities will confiscate the passports of 880 football hooligans ahead of a match between England and Germany in Munich next month, according to reports. The drastic development comes amid fears of violence, with those that have a history of football-related crimes set to be ordered to
Middle East

Europe silent on plight of detainees in Libya, says migration chief

Europe has been accused by a senior international official of acquiescence over the plight of thousands of migrants in Libya held in arbitrary detention in “deplorable conditions”. Federico Soda, chief of mission at the International Organisation for Migration’s mission in Libya, said not enough was being done by outside actors to try to change the […]

Cambodia’s microloan sector under scrutiny as poor drown in debt

hen Sam’s hard-up relatives needed money to buy a plot of land and start their own business several years ago, they turned to Sathapana Bank in Siem Reap to borrow about $20,000. Now the Siem Reap tuk-tuk driver and his wife are struggling to make monthly repayments of about $500. “We do not have the […]

Translating India’s constitution into a tribal language

When the coronavirus lockdown started more than two years ago, Sripati Tudu kept himself busy by working solely on one of his dream projects: translating the world’s longest constitution into his tribal language, Santali. Tudu, an assistant professor at the Institute of Language Studies and Research in eastern India’s West Bengal state, was born a […]
Africa News

Africa CDC warns against vaccine hoarding over monkeypox outbreak

The acting director of Africa’s top public health agency says he hopes rich countries will not hoard vaccines during the current monkeypox outbreak, as they did with the jabs against COVID-19. Monkeypox, a mild viral infection, is endemic in 11 African countries including Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria. […]

Spot the difference: the invincible business of counterfeit goods

Iwas standing in front of an imposing townhouse in the swish 16th arrondissement of Paris. Its classical lines, marble staircases and delicately wrought iron balustrades belied the fierce sense of purpose inside. The Musée de la Contrefaçon is an unusual kind of museum – it specialises in counterfeits. I hoped that my visit would help […]

EU balance of power knocked by war in Ukraine

Freshly re-elected Emmanuel Macron chose 9 May to come to dinner in Berlin. An auspicious date in EU circles. Nicknamed “Europe Day”, it commemorates the signing of the post World War Two Schuman declaration promoting peace between European nations. A very different vision of Europe to that of Vladimir Putin, the French president noted. Together, […]

Thai army boycotts e-commerce giant Lazada over video

Thailand’s army has boycotted online retailer Lazada over an advert that the government is probing for allegedly insulting the country’s royal family. The move will see 245,000 members of the Thai military banned from using the e-commerce giant’s websites for official purposes. Thailand has strict laws over defaming, insulting or threatening senior