January 25, 2022
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Middle East

Syrian army intercepts Israeli missiles near Damascus: state media

An Israeli F-15 fighter jet takes off during an exercise dubbed " Juniper Falcon"at Ovda Military Airbase in southern Israel on 16 May 2017 (Reuters) Syrian air defences intercepted at least two Israeli missiles which targeted government positions near Damascus early Saturday morning, state media reported. "At half past midnight (2230 GMT Friday), the Israeli enemy fired
Middle East

Egyptian presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafiq set to be deported to Egypt

Shafiq planned to return to Egypt after being in self-imposed exile since 2012 after narrowly losing to former president Mohamed Morsi (Supplied) Egyptian presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafiq is set to deported back to Egypt, after being arrested by authorities in the UAE. Sources close to his family told Reuters that the former Egyptian prime minister was arrested in his
Middle East

Quebec Niqab ban part suspended by Canadian judge

Women gather to protest against Quebec's proposed Charter of Values in Montreal in September 2013 (Reuters) A Canadian judge has stayed parts of a controversial Quebec law banning full-face veils in public spaces in a victory for civil liberties groups that had mounted a court challenge. Judge Babak Barin suspended the part of the act banning face coverings for

Vatican defends Pope’s silence on Rohingya

Foreign diplomats, including US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, have called what Myanmar's military is doing to the Rohingya ethnic cleansing, a charge that its leadership and the country's defacto ruler Aung San Suu Kyi deny.However, the Vatican said the trip — the first ever by a sitting Pontiff — was organized before the refugee crisis occurred, and was
Middle East

Protest against Slavery in Libya, call for action in London

African lives Matter (ALM) and the International Campaign to Boycott UAE (ICBU) announce their partnership to the national demos planned in London against the “Slavery” trade in Libya and other parts of northern Africa. The campaigns denounced the Libyan government and other Libyan groups funded by UAE. They also call on International Fact-Finding mission to […]

People are stomping on Yeezy boots for the Instagram likes

(Picture: balenciagamens/Instagram) Trainers are weird. People get really obsessed with them and spunk obscene amounts of cash on ugly foot cushions. Do they even play sport in them? No. They just wear them to be ~part of the tribe~. Take the obnoxious Yeezy crew, for example. They’re so smug with their bouncy, cool kicks that they don’t get why other sneakerheads just

Ikea inspired Christmas stockings are now a thing

(Picture: Cover Images) If you’re planning on doing any Christmas shopping at Ikea this December – aka for all of your homeware-loving loved ones – you might want to keep a little bit of money aside, as Ikea-inspired Christmas stockings are now a thing. Dubbed the ‘Swedish Stocking’, the stocking, which uses the same material as the shop’s Frakta bags, comes courtesy of

Primark has opened a customisation station so you can design your own t-shirts

(Picture: Primark/metro.co.uk) Primark has launched its own customisation station so that shoppers can add a personal touch to what they wear. Last week, the fashion outlet launched its first customisation station in its Oxford Street East store. Primark-fanatics will be able to create their own t-shirts, choosing out of two designs – so if you’re a Disney or a Star Wars