November 28, 2020
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Smart doorbells ‘easy target for hackers’ study finds

bbc– Major security flaws in popular smart doorbells are putting consumers at risk of being targeted by hackers inside their homes, according to Which. The consumer group says devices being sold on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, could easily be hacked or switched off by criminals. It is asking the government for new legislation […]

China In Final Preparations For Latest Lunar Mission

republicworld– WENCHANG, China (AP) — Chinese technicians were making final preparations Monday for a mission to bring back material from the moon’s surface in what would be a major advance for the country’s space program. Chang’e 5 is China’s most ambitious lunar mission yet and marks the first time in four decades that any country […]

Sweden PM Warns That Danger Of Virus Is ‘increasing’

republicworld– Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has again urged his country’s citizens to do what it takes to fight the coronavirus pandemic as “people’s health and lives are still in danger”. In a rare televised address late on Sunday, the somber-looking Lofven said it was “utterly necessary” to act. Sweden opted for a different, and […]
Africa News

Rwanda’s Ongoing Refugee-Evacuation Efforts

africanews– In the country’s most recent efforts to contribute to the persistent issue of displaced persons within the African continent, Rwanda welcomed around 79 more people who arrived at the capital Kigali on November 19. All hailing from East Africa — with 42 being Sudanese, 33 Eritrean and four Somali, the 11 women and 68 […]

Boris says EVERYONE should get a vaccine ‘Anti-Vaxxers are wrong!’

express– The Prime Minister said during a Downing Street press conference: “Let’s be clear, there will be no compulsory vaccination. That’s not the way we do things in this country. “We think it’s a good idea and I total reject the propaganda of the anti-vaxxers. They are wrong. “Vulnerable people, people in need of a […]