August 9, 2022
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Nigeria celebrates as return of looted Benin’s treasures nears

africanews– Nigeria’s traditional ruler in southern Benin city hosted a day of celebrations on Monday in anticipation of the long-awaited return of two bronze treasures looted during colonial times. Dancers and musicians performed in King Uku Akpolokpolor Ewuare II’s palace, which was decorated with banners of the artifacts: a bronze cockerel and a
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Police disperse opposition rally in The Gambia

africanews– The authorities in The Gambia have used tear gas to disperse demonstrators protesting the results of the presidential elections. The incidents ocurred outside the residence of opposition leadder Ousainou Darboe. Before violence erupted, Darboe appealed to supporters to avoid violence and follow legal procedures to investigate potential irregularities. The
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Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed calls on the TPLF rebels to surrender

africanews– Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday urged Tigrayan rebels to surrender, claiming government forces were nearing victory just one week after he vowed to lead military operations at the front. “The youth of Tigray is perishing like leaves. Knowing it is defeated, it is being led by one who does not have a clear […]
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Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed officially joins the battlefront

africanews– Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister has gone to the battlefront, his government announced Wednesday, after the leader said martyrdom might be necessary for the yearlong war with rival fighters approaching the capital. State media showed no images of Abiy Ahmed, a 45-year-old former soldier, and his spokeswoman Billene Seyoum dismissed a
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Nigeria state votes in key test for presidential race

africanews– Voters in the restive southeastern Nigerian state of Anambra go to the polls on Saturday amid a massive police deployment, in a key test of electoral credibility ahead of a presidential race less than 18 months away. More than 30,000 police have been deployed to Anambra, the heart of a region where an outlawed […]
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Sudan coup: Three killed in protests against military takeover

bbc– Sudan’s security forces have fired live rounds and tear gas at pro-democracy protesters, killing at least three people, a doctors’ committee says. Thousands marched in the capital Khartoum and other cities on Saturday, demanding the reinstatement of ousted Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok. The interior ministry denied that live rounds had been fired.
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Tigray crisis: How the West has fallen out with Ethiopia’s PM

bbc– With the Ethiopian government’s relationship with the US and European Union (EU) at a low ebb, it is looking elsewhere for new allies to crush the rebellion being waged against it from the mountainous Tigray region. Both the US and EU have threatened sanctions on the government and its arch-enemy, the Tigray People’s Liberation […]