August 9, 2022
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Guinea’s ‘Conakry Express’ back on track after ten-month break

africanews– The “Conakry Express” train, which connects the Guinean capital to its suburbs with thousands of people transported per day, resumed its rotations this week after ten months of stop, according to a journalist of the AFP and the national railway company. Thousands of people had boarded the train on Wednesday morning at its departure […]
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Descendant of Cuban danzón creator revives genre

africanews– A treasure trove of Cuban Danzon music has been rescued by a group of the 19th century musical genre’s lovers in Matanzas, Cuba. Musician and band leader Ethiel Faílde, the great-great-nephew of Miguel Faílde, the creator of Cuba’s national dance, worked alongside historical researchers and musicologists to find and restore 16 pieces for
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Troops assemble on highway to Tigray front line

africanews– Ethiopian troops and a militia in the country’s Amhara region have been mobilizing following a series of attacks by Tigray forces, according to British broadcaster Sky News. The war that began last November was confined at first to Ethiopia’s sealed-off northern Tigray region. Accounts of atrocities often emerged long after they occurred:
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Fishermen on Lake Chad after Nigeria air strike kills 20

africanews– At least 20 fishermen were killed accidently in a Nigerian military strike on a jihadist camp in northeast Nigeria, two security sources and locals said on Monday. A Nigerian fighter jet early on Sunday bombarded Kwatar Daban Masara in Lake Chad, which straddles Nigeria and neighbouring Niger, Chad and Cameroon, the sources said. The […]
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WHO says Covid-19 third wave easing in Africa

africanews– The World Health Organization’s Africa regional body says the current wave of COVID-19 on the continent is easing off, but warned that the “fight is far from over”. WHO Africa’s director for communicable disease response Dr. Benido Impouma said that a fourth wave spreading throughout the continent during the festive season could be
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New technique helps prevent erosion along Togolese coast

africanews– Alarm as the Togolese coast is eroding very fast. The sea is advancing at greater speed, despite actions taken to slow down the phenomenon. Locals say the erosion has left a worrying terrain along the beach. They claimed the destruction has led to disappearing houses and villages disappear from the Togolese map. An initiative […]
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Libyans react to release of Saadi Gaddafi from prison

africanews– Residents of the capital Tripoli questioned the timing of the release of Saadi Kadhafi, a son of Libya’s late dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who was overthrown and killed in a 2011 uprising, and praise the Libyan judiciary for basing its decision on “justice and integrity”. Saadi – the strongman’s third son, now aged 47 —
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Nigeria shuts down all school in two states over rising abductions

africanews– Four state governments in northern and central Nigeria have imposed a series of restrictions on residents in a bid to stop mass kidnappings and other violent crimes plaguing the region. Gangs of criminals known locally as bandits have terrorised local communities for years, but security forces have recently struggled to contain worsening violence. From
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Congo prepares to assume OPEC’s rotating presidency

africanews– Congo will takeover Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC’s) rotating presidency in 2022, succeeding neighbors Angola. The oil cartel’s secretary-General Mohammed Barkindo was in the central African country this week where he met with the country’s leaders. “I would like to reassure investors that we in OPEC will