October 27, 2021
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Afghanistan: US ramping up Kabul evacuation effort, says Biden

bbc– President Joe Biden says efforts to evacuate people from Kabul airport are accelerating, with US troops expanding the perimeter around the site. Many thousands of Afghans have been queuing at the gates in desperate attempts to flee the country after the Taliban swept to power on 15 August. Mr Biden said on Sunday that […]

Afghanistan: US takes control of Kabul airport to evacuate staff

bbc– There were scenes of panic at Kabul airport on Monday as desperate residents tried to flee following the Taliban’s seizure of the Afghan capital. The US army said soldiers shot two armed men, while three people were reported to have died after falling from the underside of a plane they were clinging to shortly […]

Scientists in China discover two new massive dinosaur species as big as blue whales

independent– Two new species of massive dinosaurs in China – almost as big as blue whales – have been discovered by scientists, who said the species may have lived about 120 to 130 million years ago. The research, published in the journal Scientific Reports, is based on an analysis of fossils that have emerged from China’s northwest regions – […]

Baby orca, Toa, dies in New Zealand after failed search for mother

bbc– A baby orca found stranded in New Zealand has died, after a huge effort to reunite him with his mother failed. The killer whale – named Toa – washed ashore near the capital Wellington 10 days ago, prompting a desperate search to find his family in nearby waters. Believed to be two to six […]

Chinese engineers killed in Pakistan bus blast

bbc– At least 13 people, including nine Chinese nationals, have been killed in an explosion that sent a bus hurtling down a mountainside in Pakistan. China says it was a deliberate bombing, but Pakistani officials are blaming a mechanical failure. The bus was carrying more than 30 people to a hydropower plant site in the […]