August 9, 2022
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Candles Lit At HK University For Removed Sculpture

republicworld– A small gathering to mark Hong Kong’s recent removal of artwork dedicated to the 1989 Chinese pro-democracy movement, took place late Friday. Universities in Hong Kong are removing memorials to the bloody suppression of the 1989 Chinese pro-democracy movement centered

Hong Kong: Why the Legco elections are so controversial

bbc– Hong Kong is holding its first legislative council election since China introduced sweeping changes that have altered the city’s political landscape. The government says the revamped electoral system will ensure only “patriots” will be allowed to stand for election and eventually hold positions of political power. However, critics say it has

Nagaland killings: Anger grows after Indian army’s botched ambush

bbc– A group of women sit, grim and silent, outside a thatched hut in a village in the north-eastern Indian state of Nagaland. Inside, a young woman who got married just 10 days ago, is sobbing. “Who will look after me now?” asks Monglong, 25. Her husband, Hokup Konyak, was among six men killed earlier this […]
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Lebanon wants ‘best relations’ with Saudi Arabia, GCC, Aoun says

aljazeera– Lebanese President Michel Aoun says his country wants the “best relations” with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries amid an ongoing diplomatic rift with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). In an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, Aoun said on Monday evening that his country is seeking to reconcile with Saudi Arabia, which severed diplomatic […]
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Chinese Forces Exercise Near Taiwan In Response To US Visit

republicworld– Chinese military forces are holding exercises near Taiwan in response to a visit by a U.S. congressional delegation to the island. The drills in the area of the Taiwan Strait are a “necessary measure to safeguard national sovereignty,” China’s Defense Ministry said in the announcement Tuesday that gave no details on the timing, participants

How the Taliban takeover changed my life

bbc– The Taliban’s sudden sweep to power in Afghanistan has upended lives across the country. When a reporter recently asked Afghans to describe their jobs before and after, the powerful responses showed how many are dealing with radically changed circumstances. The BBC has been speaking with some of those – from office workers to activists […]