April 23, 2021
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Value of silver surges as Reddit army behind GameStop switches focus to heavy metals

independent– Silver prices skyrocketed on Monday, touching a five-month high, after a Reddit army that drove up GameStop shares switched focus to metals. Silver prices rose by 15 per cent since closing on Wednesday after small-time traders bought en masse, following a message on Reddit calling users to buy heavy metals to challenge mighty Wall Street hedge funds in a
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Should everyone with a positive Covid test be given £500 to self-isolate?

independent– In response to the concerns that many people are failing to self-isolate for 10 days when they get Covid, the health secretary, Matt Hancock, has apparently been pushing for the government to give a one-off and automatic £500 payment to everyone who displays a positive test. The prime minister’s spokesperson says the government has “no plans” to adopt

UK shares jump as markets react to Brexit deal

bbc– UK stock markets have jumped in their first trading session after the Christmas break. It was investors’ first chance to react to the Brexit trade deal with the EU, since markets closed early on Christmas Eve, hours before the outcome emerged. The FTSE 100 rose about 2.3%, while the 250-share index was up more […]
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Japan developing wooden satellites to cut space junk

bbc– A Japanese company and Kyoto University have joined forces to develop what they hope will be the world’s first satellites made out of wood by 2023. Sumitomo Forestry said it has started research on tree growth and the use of wood materials in space. The partnership will begin experimenting with different types of wood […]