January 25, 2022
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Was 2021 the year we moved away from fast fashion?

independent–  It’s been quite a year for the fashion industry. With an awards season comeback – and a gradual return to a life without coronavirus restrictions – the sartorial stakes were high. And not just because people wanted to make up for the many months they spent swaddled in

A Decade Later, I’ve Returned to My High School Obsession—Vests

In high school, I went through a serious vest phase. Not in a cute, minimal, Kendall Jenner–inspired way—in a Y2K, so-bad-it’s-good way. At the time, all the It girls (say, Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan) were wearing suit vests with graphic tees, and I wanted to replicate the à la mode look. I remember going […]

8 best vegan perfumes to try for Veganuary and beyond

More and more of us are embracing a vegan lifestyle, from what we put on our plates to what we display on our dressing table. That’s why more brands – including fragrance brands – are trying to accommodate this switch. You may think perfume automatically ticks the “vegan” box, but it’s not always the case. […]


independent– This year’s Love Island winner, Millie Court has just revealed her first ASOS edit. The reality TV star, who won the £50,000 prize alongside boyfriend Liam Reardon on the ITV2 show, has been teasing the edit for a while before it launched on Monday 13 December. Taking to Instagram to celebrate the edit’s launch, Court said announcing the edit felt

The Muppet Hat Trend Is the Latest Outrageous ’90s Revival

In our opinion, the best winter fashion trends are ones that are as practical as they are cute. It’s the reason we’ve already hopped on board with jellyfishing (aka pairing a bulky coat with slim-fitting bottoms) and continue to complete our looks with a neutral pair of Uggs. It’s also why we’re currently contemplating investing in a muppet […]

Metamorphosis Fashion Is the New Trend That Will Actually Save You Money

 Every so often, we wish we had magical powers, allowing us to snap our fingers and instantly change into a brand new outfit. Yet, while it’s still impossible to pull this Fairy Godmother-like move, fashion has gotten pretty innovative over the past few years. Metamorphosis clothing is currently having a moment, AKA pieces that feature […]