December 7, 2021
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Colombia peace deal: The families displaced five years on

bbc– Sheets of tarpaulin supported by sticks pepper a public square in the northern Colombian city of Montería where a community of indigenous Emberá people have lived since mid-April. The community fled violence which broke out between rival armed groups in their rural communities many hours away, along the banks of the Sinú river. One […]
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Chinese Forces Exercise Near Taiwan In Response To US Visit

republicworld– Chinese military forces are holding exercises near Taiwan in response to a visit by a U.S. congressional delegation to the island. The drills in the area of the Taiwan Strait are a “necessary measure to safeguard national sovereignty,” China’s Defense Ministry said in the announcement Tuesday that gave no details on the timing, participants
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As Israel threatens power cuts, how can Palestine pay its bills?

aljazeera– The Palestinian Authority’s finances are at a “breaking point”, a United Nations official warned on October 20th. But that didn’t stop Israel’s state-owned electric company from reportedly threatening a week later to cut power to the occupied West Bank if the PA didn’t pay $120m in overdue bills. The threat to plunge Palestine into darkness […]
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German far-right group attempt to block migrants

bbc– German police have stopped armed members of an extremist right-wing group from blocking migrants crossing the Polish border. More than 50 far-right vigilantes were armed with pepper spray, a bayonet, a machete and batons, police said. The group is believed to support the Third Way, a far-right party with suspected links to neo-Nazi groups. […]