July 31, 2021
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Israeli army kills Palestinian boy in West Bank: Ministry

aljazeera– A Palestinian boy wounded by Israeli army fire in the occupied West Bank has died from his injuries, the Palestinian health ministry has said. Mohammed al-Alami, 12, died in the town of Beit Omar, to the northwest of Hebron, after he was shot in the chest while travelling in a
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US to begin evacuation of Afghans who aided US military

independent– The Biden administration is set to begin evacuations of Afghans who aided the U.S. military effort in the nearly 20-year war during the last week of July, according to a senior administration official. The Operation Allies Refuge flights out of Afghanistan will be available first for special immigrant visa applicants already in the process […]
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Lebanon struck by power cut as major plants shut down

bbc– Lebanon’s two main power plants were switched off on Friday, plunging much of the country into a near-total blackout. The shutdown – caused by the two plants running out of fuel – worsens a crisis that has seen people receive just two hours of electricity a day. A lack of foreign currency has made […]
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Israel Probing Iran’s Involvement In Possible Attack On Cargo Ship

republicworld– Israel’s Defense officials were checking whether Iran was behind a possible attack on a cargo ship that is partially owned by Zionists, Israel’s N12 Television news reported. CSSAV Tyndall was on its way from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates when it was possibly hit by a projectile. In the aftermath, […]
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European Parliamentarians worried about Women’s rights in the UAE

Cyrus Engerer (S&D) MEP expressed concern about the status of women rights in UAE. He sent an urgent question to the Vice-President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy He said that Women in the UAE face continued discrimination. For example, the Personal Status Law of 2005 […]
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Death in a Glasgow hotel: The last years of Badreddin Bosh

aljazeera– It was a Monday afternoon in January 2017 when Adam Abdallah Adam Bosh got the phone call. It was his younger brother Badreddin calling to tell him that his journey to Europe had begun. Adam was busy rebuilding the clay-brick wall of his family’s hut in Shoaib, the village where the two brothers had […]
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Palestinian Government On Israel Vaccine Row

republicworld– The Palestinian Authority on Friday called off an agreement whereby Israel would transfer 1 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to it in exchange for a similar number later this year. The Palestinian Authority says the doses, which Israel began shipping to the occupied West Bank on Friday, are too close to expiring. Speaking at […]
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Algeria’s upcoming election will not instigate meaningful change

aljazeera– On June 12, a snap election will be held in Algeria to elect 407 members to the People’s General Assembly, the lower house of the country’s parliament. The vote was initially scheduled to take place in 2022, but President Abdelmadjid Tabboune moved the election date forward in response to ongoing anti-government protests in the […]