October 27, 2021




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Three refugees claim the UAE funded ISIS war crimes by giving them weapons, kit and aid during Syrian civil war in landmark UK court case

dailymail– Three refugees are arguing the UAE funded war crimes by ISIS terrorists in the Syrian civil war in a landmark case in British legal


Emma Raducanu on Becoming Dior’s Newest Ambassador

vogue– The meteoric rise of Emma Raducanu to becoming one of the tennis world’s biggest stars feels almost as if it happened overnight. First, there

Middle East Sports

How Pakistan finally ended its World Cup drought against India

aljazeera– Jubilant cricket fans poured onto the streets across Pakistan on Sunday to hail their team’s rout of India at the T20 World Cup in Dubai.


Beijing and Wuhan marathons postponed as China battles Delta outbreak

theguardian– A Covid outbreak in northern China is expected to get worse, authorities have warned, after cases were detected in 11 provinces and two

Africa News

Tigray crisis: How the West has fallen out with Ethiopia’s PM

bbc– With the Ethiopian government’s relationship with the US and European Union (EU) at a low ebb, it is looking elsewhere for new allies to

Europe Latest News

German far-right group attempt to block migrants

bbc– German police have stopped armed members of an extremist right-wing group from blocking migrants crossing the Polish border. More than 50


Copper market COLLAPSES after ‘crazy’ price changes: London Metal Exchange in emergency

express– Due to record highs of copper, the London Metal Exchange has introduced measures to maintain “orderliness and continued

Business Latest News

Grandparents could boost state pension sum by £2,340 per year – how to do it

express– Millions of pensioners rely on their state pension income to support them in retirement. With the cost of living continuing to rise,


Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp calls Diego Simeone ‘angry with the world’ after handshake snub

express– Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has accused Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone of being ‘angry with the world’ after


North Korea claim test of new submarine-launched missile

bbc– North Korea has confirmed it successfully tested a new submarine-launched ballistic missile on Tuesday. State news outlet KCNA said the missile