August 9, 2022




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Cambodia’s microloan sector under scrutiny as poor drown in debt

hen Sam’s hard-up relatives needed money to buy a plot of land and start their own business several years ago, they turned to Sathapana Bank in Siem Reap

Africa News

South Africa kidnapping: ‘I survived but part of me died that day’

After a surge in the number of abductions in recent years, South Africa has one of the highest rates of kidnapping in the world, as Mpho Lakaje reports


Spot the difference: the invincible business of counterfeit goods

Iwas standing in front of an imposing townhouse in the swish 16th arrondissement of Paris. Its classical lines, marble staircases and delicately wrought

Middle East

Saudi Arabia transfers $80bn in shares to wealth fund for green projects

Saudi Arabia has transferred shares worth $80bn to its sovereign wealth fund as the oil-rich nation hopes to rival Norway and Singapore’s state-managed


UK employers expecting to award pay rises of 3% this year, survey shows

British employers are expecting to award pay rises of 3% in 2022, the highest in at least a decade, though well below the rate of inflation, as they try to


Germany plans to wean itself off Russian energy

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced plans to wean Germany off its dependence on Russian energy and to reshape its future energy mix, having pledged


Sri Lankan troops on streets after protesters torch leaders’ homes in night of unrest

A curfew is in force across Sri Lanka after mobs burned down homes belonging to the ruling Rajapaksa family amid mounting anger at the economic crisis. The


‘A very serious situation’: Ukraine minister says country expects the worst but its army is ready

The helicopter gunship had been destroyed inside the supposedly secure Kramatorsk airport, a major coup for the separatist militants in the bitter conflict

Middle East

Europe silent on plight of detainees in Libya, says migration chief

Europe has been accused by a senior international official of acquiescence over the plight of thousands of migrants in Libya held in arbitrary detention in


Russia should fear a Soviet end

On 24 Feb 2022, Russia launched a second invasion of Ukraine, greatly intensifying the war that the Kremlin has been waging on the country since 2014.