November 24, 2020




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Redrawing the Brexit map

LONDON — Since the 2016 Brexit referendum, the biggest issue in British politics has been the country’s membership in the EU. The Brexit fault-line cuts

Middle East

Delayed Humanitarian Flights Leaving Yemen Put Migrants at Risk

Aden – Over 2,300 Ethiopian migrants detained in adverse conditions in Aden, Yemen, were due to retu..


Move over Britain, France is Americas special friend

Emmanuel Macron has been to Washington. He had a rollicking time with Donald Trump and delivered a s..


Pompeo in Saudi Arabia amid heightened tensions with Iran

Iran is warning that its forces wouldn't hesitate to act again and shoot down more U.S. surveil


Japan has so many vacant houses, it’s giving some away for free

It's a spacious, two-story home nestled amid trees on a winding country road in the small town ..

Africa News

Tunis suicide bombing injures 2 people – state TV

The first blast occurred in central Tunis when a bomber targeted a police patrol on the city's ..


EU and UK need each other on post-Brexit security

The U.K.s withdrawal from the European Union poses a number of challenges on both sides of the Chann..


Dwayne the “adventure cat” hit by SUV but lives for the owner to tell the story

The cat came back — thankfully. Dwayne the cat, whose adventures riding the TTC are documented in p..


Covid-19: Ordinance promulgated to reduce salaries of MPs by 30%

NEW DELHI: Giving effect to the Cabinet decision to cut allowances of members of Parliament by 30% i..

Africa News

Kenyan governor charged in murder of pregnant student

Gov. Okoth Obado of Migori County in western Kenya is accused of killing Sharon Otieno, 26, who was ..