February 28, 2021
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UK shares jump as markets react to Brexit deal

bbc– UK stock markets have jumped in their first trading session after the Christmas break. It was investors’ first chance to react to the Brexit trade deal with the EU, since markets closed early on Christmas Eve, hours before the outcome emerged. The FTSE 100 rose about 2.3%,

Boris Johnson urges Tory MPs to back Brexit deal as full text published

theguardian– The EU and the UK government have published the full text of the Brexit trade deal less than a week before it is due to be implemented, as Boris Johnson urged his backbenchers to support the agreement when it reaches parliament next week. The deal, which comes to more than 1,250 pages, will be voted […]

Brexit trade talks may continue after MEPs’ deadline, says France

theguardian– The European parliament’s Sunday deadline may pass without agreement on a post-Brexit trade and security deal, France’s European affairs minister, Clément Beaune, has said, as British and EU negotiators continued to haggle over fishing rights. MEPs have said they will stage a vote of consent on 28 December if terms are agreed by the […]

Will Brexit affect house prices and mortgages?

independent– On 31 December the post-Brexit transition period ends and, with or without a free trade deal with the European Union, the UK will start life outside the EU’s single market and customs union. That will, pretty much all economists tell us, have a substantial economic impact on our lives. But what exactly will those impacts […]

Brexit fishing row: UK ‘must defend its waters’ as bitter MEP turns on EU

express– The EU and UK are still no closer to securing a trade pact, with Government insiders claiming the chances of no deal being reached currently at around 80 percent. Mr Johnson has made it his personal mission to take control of talks, discussing pathways through with the likes of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, but other leaders

Military planes to fly Covid vaccines in to Britain to avoid ports hit by Brexit

theguardian– Tens of millions of doses of the Covid-19 vaccine manufactured in Belgium will be flown to Britain by military aircraft to avoid delays at ports caused by Brexit, under contingency plans being developed by the government. Both the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and senior sources at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed to […]
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ANIMAL AID Ministers to begin abolition of cruel live animal shipments tomorrow — only made possible by Brexit

thesun– But with Britain finally cutting ties with Brussels in 39 days time, the controversial process will be outlawed to the delight of campaigners. Boris Johnson has repeatedly vowed to use the “the opportunity of Brexit” to “champion animal welfare” and will unveil plans for new legislation on Thursday. A No10 source said: “The PM has […]