February 27, 2021
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China Law Empowers Coast Guard To Use Force Amid Disputes

republicworld– China has authorized its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels and destroy structures on features it claims, potentially raising the possibility of clashes with regional maritime rivals. The Coast Guard Law passed on Friday empowers the force to “take all necessary

China Imposes New Visa Limits In Back-and-forth With US

republicworld– China hit back with reciprocal actions Tuesday against unnamed American officials in the latest back-and-forth, following a U.S. announcement of new visa restrictions on Chinese officials. The Foreign Ministry also called on President Donald Trump not to sign into law legislation approved by Congress on Tibet. The visa action came in response to a […]

China avoids ICC prosecution over Xinjiang for now, but pressure is growing

(CNN)China will not face a case at the International Criminal Court over its treatment of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang — for now. Beijing is accused of numerous crimes against Uyghurs and other ethnic minority groups in the far western region, including a mass detention system, forced labor, and claims of genocide and human rights abuses. As China […]

China Coal Mine Accident Toll Climbs To 23

republicworld– The death toll due to a carbon monoxide leak inside a coal mine in southwest China has gone up to 23, while one person has been rescued, officials said on Sunday. The accident took place at around 5 pm (local time) on Friday at the closed Diaoshuidong colliery in Yongchuan district of Chongqing Municipality. […]

China says probe sent to retrieve lunar rocks lands on moon

channelnewsasia– BEIJING: A Chinese robot probe sent to return lunar rocks to Earth for the first time since the 1970s landed on the moon on Tuesday (Dec 1), the government announced, adding to a string of increasingly bold space missions by Beijing. The Chang’e 5 probe “successfully landed” at its planned site, state TV and […]