September 25, 2021
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Ethiopian performing artists heed call to back war effort

africanews– Marching in formation, the tunic-clad actors thrust fake swords and spears into the air and unleashed their fiercest battle cries: “I will fight for my country, Ethiopia! I am a soldier of Ethiopia!” Later, on a stage adorned with photos of elite soldiers and the
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Ethiopian military loots UNICEF office in Tigray capital

africanews– Ethiopia’s military reportedly broke into a UNICEF office in Tigray capital Mekele — confiscating satellite equipment described as much-needed to carry out humanitarian work. The news comes as per a statement made on Tuesday by the organisation to the British media. Victor Chinyama, UNICEF’s Ethiopia Chief of Communications, described the
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Ethiopia aims to plant 20 billion trees by 2022

africanews– Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is leading a campaign to plant 6 billion trees across the country this year. It forms part of his ‘’Green Legacy’’ project to promote eco-tourism and combat the effects of climate change. The initiative highlights his focus on the environment ahead of the elections. At the launch in a […]