September 25, 2021
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Chinese engineers killed in Pakistan bus blast

bbc– At least 13 people, including nine Chinese nationals, have been killed in an explosion that sent a bus hurtling down a mountainside in Pakistan. China says it was a deliberate bombing, but Pakistani officials are blaming a mechanical failure. The bus was carrying more than 30 people

Pakistani Cleric Booked For ‘provocative’ Speech Against Women; Granted Bail

republicworld– A Pakistan cleric, who had delivered a ‘provocative’ speech against women education, has been granted bail in the Nowshera district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. As per reports, after his release on Thursday, Mufti Sardar Ali Haqqani led a procession of hundreds of students and reached his madrassa in Wazirabad in Nowshere Kalaan.

China’s Plans For ‘Polar Silk Road’ In Arctic Ocean

republicworld– China’s belt and Road initiative also known as Polar Silk Road PSR or ‘Ice’ is a framework to construct several complex networks of potential shipping routes in the arctic that stretch across Eurasia, including a northwest passage around North America and a central Arctic ocean route. The aim of this route is for Beijing […]