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*UAE intensifies corrupting Somali elections to gain political foothold in the Horn of Africa*

Emirati rulers had not yet given up their interference and destabilisation exertions in Somalias internal affairs as it continues to bribe and payoff individuals to gain foothold in Somalias political in order to set a loyal administration.

In the latest attempt to gain control and make its bribed as leaders of regional state in central Somalia, United Arab Emirates is bankrolling one unpopular candidate by the name Kamal Gutale as a presidential candidate for Galmudug regional State of Somalia. Galmudug is soon expected to hold its presidential elections in this month of January.

Operating through a notorious Emirati instrument, Mr. Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame who happens to be the leader of Wadajir Political Party as a conduit to channel money, UAE provided an initial payment of 2 million dollars to Mr. Kamal Gutale and his running mate as Deputy president Mr. Abdiweli Ibrahim Garyare who has been living as refugee in Netherlands.

The money is intended for Kamal and Abdiweli to kick start the election campaign in Galmudug, bribe clan elders and recruit armed militias to disturb stability of Galmudug. UAE pledged to provide to Kamal and Abdiweli another 3 million dollars 4 days before the election so that they can plentifully corrupt members of Galmudug parliament who will elect the President and Deputy President of Galmudug State.

Part of this initial payment was given to proprietors of Radio Dalsan namely Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Ali, known Mohamed Ajiib, (covertly uses a second name Mohammed Ali Mohamud) and Mr Hassan Ali Geesey as propaganda machinery. Both Hassan and Mohamed received $500,000 UAE through Mr. Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame to support Kamal and Abdiweli. The media proprietors rented a wasteful house in Dhusamareb, capital of Galmudug State, and are busy bribing local journalists and media to sell the candidacy of Kamal and Abdiweli.

With all expectations UAE is once more expected to lose this upcoming election in Galmudug as Somalis learned the manoeuvres and the game played by the UAE.