May 16, 2022

8 best vegan perfumes to try for Veganuary and beyond

More and more of us are embracing a vegan lifestyle, from what we put on our plates to what we display on our dressing table. That’s why more brands – including fragrance brands – are trying to accommodate this switch.

You may think perfume automatically ticks the “vegan” box, but it’s not always the case. While animal-derived ingredients such as musk and civet (derived from musk deers and civet cats respectively) have been recreated in synthetic form, beeswax and honey are among several non-vegan ingredients that are still frequently used in perfumery.

You can scour ingredients lists for these, but the best way to guarantee whether a perfume is vegan is making sure it is clearly labelled as such (which is how we selected our chosen scents) or if the brand itself is entirely vegan.

How we tested

As well as testing the scents themselves, we focused on brands that really seemed to care about their vegan credentials, rather than just add the label as a marketing gimmick. We tested every scent directly on our skin – and examined how it changed character from when we first sprayed it on to a few hours later, noting how original the bouquet was and how well it lasted.

We wanted a perfume with character, that told a story and had some decent staying power, as well as one which used the ingredients in new and interesting ways. We also wanted to make sure the brand’s vegan ethos was part of its DNA and that it was truly conscientious about the ingredients it used.

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From vibrant citrus notes that practically sing when released from the bottle, to intoxicating floral accords that echo the Grande Dames of 1930s Hollywood, we’ve found the best vegan perfumes of the bunch.

The best vegan perfumes for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Bon Parfumeur 001: £74,
  • Best for fans of soft, delicate scents – Medeau safara: £95,
  • Best for ride or die city dwellers – Floral Street London poppy: £60,
  • Best for a dash of English eccentricity – 4160Tuesdays Hammersmith tea and biscuits: £45,
  • Best for lovers of a cult classic – The Body Shop white musk (re-launched): £16,
  • Best for a scented suit of armour – Vyrao witchy woo: £135,
  • Best for budding horticulturalists – Kingdom Scotland kingdom botanica: £120,
  • Best for something a little different – Jorum Studio trimerous: £70, Jorumstudio.comindependent


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